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      West African perspectives

      The Sahel and West Africa Club Secretariat is monitoring the coronavirus (Covid-19) situation closely. The pandemic is unfolding as the region faces a food crisis of exceptional magnitude and high levels of insecurity.

      Photo: Ricci Shryock

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      Food security

      Critical pastoral situation

      RPCA members are mobilising to strengthen existing early warning systems, set-up new monitoring tools and co-ordinate responses. They call for a targeted response to support the agro-pastoral sector.

      Photo: Julia Wanjiru

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      Shaping Africa's urban future

      In the next 30 years, Africa’s urban areas will be home to an additional 950 million people. Are cities and governments ready?

      Photo: Ricci Shryock

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      Current events

      Fact Sketching

      The Covid-19 pandemic adds an additional layer to pre-existing crises. A new collaboration with Cartooning for Peace offers an alternative look at the challenges facing the region.

      Image: GLEZ/Cartooning for Peace

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      Policy brief

      Global virus, local realities

      A new policy brief explores some of the potential impacts of Covid-19 in West Africa and outlines a number of policy implications to help support government actions.

      Image: Tabassy Baro

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      Food security

      Food and nutrition crisis 2020

      The coronavirus (Covid-19) risks overshadowing and compounding the already severe food and nutrition crisis in the Sahel and West Africa that threatens millions of people.

      Image: K.Sulaimon/AFP

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      Food and nutrition security

      Image: Julia Wanjiru

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      Food systems

      Image: Ruth McDowall

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      Cities and urbanisation

      Image: Daouda Corera

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      West Africa Brief

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